My story


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So in May of 2014 my life changed in a split second. I lost my daughter in a senseless jetski accident.

I had always had a certain about of anxiety, but in the months and years following losing my daughter I got worse. Depressed, anxious, not sleeping, you name it.

I'm on anti depressants but they only do so much. I've been smoking weed since I was a teenager and have always advocated for it to be legal. It helps. It helps me relax and feel normal for awhile. It's just another plant in arsenal of herbal medicines.

I found this group on Facebook awhile back. And started reading about feco. I've always made weed butter and figured feco would be even better.

I got the first oil and tested it and I can't tell you how much relief I got immediately. I slept soundly for the first night in years. And the second and every night that I take it! I've been using it almost 6 weeks and I've begun to feel better. I sleep soundly. I wake up with more energy and more calm. I've noticed aches and pains aren't there as much either. I'm dosing my senior dogs as well and am seeing much improvement in mobility.

I can't tell yall how much I appreciate Tyler and crew & what they're doing to help people.

Thank you all so much.