Juniper ginger topical


If you don't have the Juniper ginger for your first aid kit you need it. I had some skin damage and my skin ended up breaking open with raw big sores on the delicate insides of my arms. Everyday twice a day I cut a small guze and place some of the Juniper ginger on. I wrap my arms so it stays in place. I'm getting really fast healing and new skin growth and best of all pain relief. I like how it feels too. There is a nice grit to the cream and it feel exfoliating to my skin. Super thankful for this topical and wanted to share.
Hi I make the juniper ginger. The “exfoliation” effect is the powdered ormus. The first couple batches were liquid ormus. That one you received was made with the powdered. The powder was difficult to dissolve in the oils. If it’s bothersome rub the salve between your hands and the ormus will “melt” before you apply the salve. No more exfoliation effect.